Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time to Short Papa John's (PZZA)?

On Mondays during football season Papa John's Pizza offers one free topping to pizza buyers in the Washington, DC area for every touchdown the Redskins score, and they double that if the Redskins win. This Sunday the Redskins scored SEVEN touchdowns and won. Pizza buyers got FOURTEEN free toppings.

From the Washington Post: apparently was brisk. One deliveryman brought 20 pizzas to Redskins Park and said: "We're getting slammed today. . . . Everybody's happy."

Given that the Redskins are second in the entire NFL in offense, their quarterback--Brunell--is the top rated passer in the NFC, their top rusher is fourth in the NFC and their top receiver is on pace for 2,000 yards in receiving, which will blow away Jerry Rice's single-season receiving yards record of 1,848, it might be time to short the stock. Pizza margins are ridiculously thin and I've got a hunch that the amount of meat on Monday's pizzas could have fed a city in China for a month. And, think of the worker's compenastion suits when the delivery folks try to carry 50-pound pizzas.


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